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Shubhani Dalmia 0

Have you ever wondered being alone on a festival or no one to be at home when you come back? Isn’t it sounds depressing . Yes , it can be . Family , is known to be the reason of your existence . They are the ones who can make you smile when you face a failure . Your family is beside you all the time , when you make your first cry , when you stand up on you feet for the first time , when you take your first step , when you have your first school day . Do you even remember your first day at school ? Well your mother would definitely do , if you ask her . Wasn’t it a  cherishing memory , it is . When you were at your early teens and the whole world seemed upskide down , your family tolerated you for your rude behaviour and never complained . When you failed in a difficult subject they were the ones putting all their sources together to let you pass .  They are the ones who had been supportive through all thick and thins . You have faced many temporary people throughout but the ones who were constant at all times and no matter what difficulty may come they were with you . A person with a family like this is a lucky one , your reason of happiness is living with you . Your support system , your family has been with you throughout the time . Nobody can replace it . Nobody can take its place . Nobody can love you and care for you unconditionally like your family does . Have you ever wondered what it took your parents to provide you all your necessities as well as fulfil all your reckless demands . There may have come many sleepless nights for your father to gather all his sources to keep you in luxuries . There may have been many sleepless nights for your mother when you cried all night long as an infant. There are countless sacrifices your family makes for you . Do they ever show you , no . Who else can do that for you ? Nobody of course . Love your family  as much as you could . Thank god for this valuable blessing .

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