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Gift of god

Yashasvi Anand 0

It was another spring morning and symphony of birds tried to drag me out from the land of dreams. My eyes showed inertia towards the change that was going to occur, but the golden sun rays penetrated my window pane and as soon as they struck my eyes, the cross linked lock of my eye lashes was left open. Sleep tried to drag me back but the ambiance of the world outside the window pane seemed more alluring. The tree outside appeared to be the manifestation of a queen dressed in green apparel and flowery jewelry , waving her long locks on the rhythm of breeze, rejoicing as her wait for the king of seasons(spring) was finally over. Before I could take my mind out of the exuberance of the nature, I was awe-struck by the charm of orange hued sun that peeped amidst the arms of tree. It slipped out of the horizon giving golden pen strokes to the bluish-black sky of the dawn. I closed my eyes to capture this euphoria of the nature. As soon as I did so vibrations of this exquisite dance of Mother Nature got synchronized with the vibes of my mother’s voice and the resulting resonance triggered my grey cells to think about the best gift of nature given to me. It was none other than my mother herself.

Such soothing voice, such pacifying presence, she is the calmness I strive for in every disguise. The first word that my tongue is destined to utter in every painful situation whether it may be excruciating or endurable. How can one be so selfless? How can she keep her priorities aside for me? How can she feel my pain and happiness being so far?

With the clock’s next tick I touched my hand with the other one, the sheath of cells, the veins beneath it, the blood running in veins all is made of her. My life and limb all was made of her flesh and blood. After this wonderful feeling of belonging to her I closed my eyes to cutoff myself from the world and rejoice this tranquilizing moment wholeheartedly.

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