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God cant be everywhere everytime , so she created maa .

Shubhani Dalmia 0

Its been a real busy day . You left your home at 7 in the morning for work . You worked whole day long with a single break . You were tired and left with no enthusiasm . You leave for home then around 8 . Somebody was waiting for you , to serve you dinner . Your favourite dishes are placed , garnished beautifully on the table . You are being served with a smile and you hear why you came late today , was your day hectic ? Who was it ? Your mother . She also did got up with you , made breakfast for you, got your clothes ironed , and packed all things necessary . She also worked whole day long doing household stuff maybe with a shorter break . She does equal hard work as you do . The difference is she doesn’t get a pay cheque for that . Also she cant even have a sunday like you . She has to work all days of a week . She is doing this for more than 20 years and would be doing until her knees doesnt pain . She is a true superwoman one could inspire to become. Nowadays each one thinks to become a successful person , and most of them achieve success too . But do they ever think , that behind his success story there was a person who worked selflessly for him to complete his dream . Do you ever think that when you do not sleep to study late night , your mother cant sleep too . When you pass with good grades she would be the only one who would be more happier than you . It has been rightly said that god cant be everywhere , therefore she created maa .

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