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All in one

Shubhani Dalmia 0

testme356 Shubhani Dalmia

When they said good-bye

Yashasvi Anand 0

I was excited about going to a new town, a new college, and above all, being on my own–nobody would be telling me about wake-up time and curfew hours.  I was…

Family’s day out

Yashasvi Anand 0

the days were usual full of hustle and bustle, where everyone was tranquilized with the air which has the tension of their future preparations dissolved in it. In spite of…

Gift of god

Yashasvi Anand 0

It was another spring morning and symphony of birds tried to drag me out from the land of dreams. My eyes showed inertia towards the change that was going to…

Indian Family- An undying love

Shubhani Dalmia 0

An Indian family , from the old culture of huge joint families to the new trend of nuclear ones , it has been a dominant part of Indian society . …

Togetherness makes it easy.

Shubhani Dalmia 0

The bond that is everlasting , the love which is increasing  , the support which  is never fading . That is what it known to be a family. It is…

Missing Parents

Lohitha 0

Dear Mom and Dad  , There is no word to describe what you mean to me. There is no one that could replace both of you .There is no way…


Shubhani Dalmia 0

We all have an ideal in our minds for whom we think to be alike . We dream to have a personality like their’s. But have you met a real…

Working Moms

Lohitha 0

Working mothers are those who engages in a work life, aside from their duties as a child care provider. A working mother, one who has the good fortune to balance…

What Family Is All About

Kumar Utkarsh 0

Having people by your side, those who know what you are in your bones, accept you the way you are meant to be, it’s a treat life gives to only…