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Posts published in “Family”

The queen and her princess

Yashasvi Anand 0

For a young daughter mother is all knowing ,all powerful and the first example of womanhood that she encounters. She is not just a person to her, she is a…

Another morning without them

Yashasvi Anand 0

Before  the  symphony  of birds could  strike  my  ear drums a  shrill  yet  pleasing  voice  entered  my  olfactory canal.  Although  my  biological clock  had  already  pulled  me  out  of  my …

The melody of her voice

Pallavi Priya 0

It had been a while since I last heard her voice. I constantly check my phone with the faintest hope in my heart that maybe, just maybe this time, the…

Last time I penned! Adieu

Pallavi Priya 0

Hey mom, hey dad! Long-time no see, right? Guess it’s going to be a little while longer now. I know what you must be thinking that why did I do…

The Fun Meal We Never Had, Again!

Amol Roy 0

The small lonely droplets falling outside signified my loneliness. The weekend was here. Weather in Delhi was romantic. I was sitting, looking outside my window. Regretting every second of my…