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Indian Family- An undying love

Shubhani Dalmia 0

An Indian family , from the old culture of huge joint families to the new trend of nuclear ones , it has been a dominant part of Indian society .  It plays a major role in an individuals life . Individuals exist and are to be known belonging to  a particular last name which is given to one by its family .  It also gives one the traditions to follow, the ideologies of one’s caste . Families in India may be viewed from different view-points and the classifications Diversities of ethnic, linguistic, regional, economic, religious, class, and caste groups crosscut Indian society, which is also permeated with immense urban-rural differences and gender distinctions thereby are indeed varied in nature. With the northern states to the southern states we have huge disparities in terms of religion , culture , the festivals they celebrate . Delhi being the capital consists of mix ratio of all the religion following families. The southern states consists of more tamilian and madrasis . The eastern sides are popular with bengalis. India being a blend of number of religions and culture , it possesses a variety of traditions that are being followed by families from the ancient times to the modern times. Despite huge urbanization and modernization  , there exist some domineering status for their parents on their children . They decide what is to be done for their child , career, marriage . But on contrary to this things are changing ,  the young adults now consider themselves to be independent enough and take their own decision . They prefer being nuclear , as the phrase ” my life my rules   ” is so immensely popular . But with this new trend are we not losing that love and care  that was earlier given by our grandparents . Now we are able to meet them on rare basis n also for a limited time  , wouldn’t this would make us miss those those bedtime  stories , that pampering , that brilliantly made dishes , those priceless morals to live a happy and cheerful life , that teachings of helping others , giving respect and the list is never ending. Not only this , are not our siblings are farther than before. We get to meet them once in a while . All in all from ancient to medieval and to modern , there has been tremendous changes in the living ideologies of families of different cultures , belonging to different religion . There has also been enormous progress in living standards of people . Earlier people preferred to stay under a single roof , but now they give preference to individual privacy . For this they are ready to neglect their responsibility of their aged parents too . This is too disheartening , but what else can be done , after all its one’s own choice . However one should give value to family as they were the one who always stood by your thick and thins . Moreover ,  one’s own family is the reason for one’s own existence . Therefore it has been rightly said ,  FAMILY is the most important part of life.

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