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Work Culture:

Dadpreneur believes in innovating. The work culture of Dadpreneur is made with such a DNA that it allows every thought of team members to come and take shape in the best way possible. Our founder, Kingshuk Jain says “Thoughts are made to take shape. If you are not innovating today, you will never have another chance to do that.”


The work culture at Dadpreneur speaks of three things.

First, absolute no to any procrastination happening in work.

Second, commitment towards your work and assigned duty and

Third is the power of thinking. The more you think, the more you grow here. You will be duly updated and notified about happening of all the team meet and idea town hall.


At the end of the internship, every team members get themselves added to our alumni network because Dadpreneur loves to stay in contact with rising stars and future of the nation. They innovate. They create. Are you a driven by their thought to bring family close? Join them.


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