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Missing Parents

Lohitha 0

Dear Mom and Dad  ,

There is no word to describe what you mean to me. There is no one that could replace both of you .There is no way to regret being your child. Even though I am away for life’s new star and one fine day I start realizing that the fingers that held me when I felt lost, the support that stood by me at any cost are major missing. when there is no one to control my emotions, I have to console my heart .Parents  who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants in this greedy world . it’s not a kind of sadness that overwhelms my entire body, leaving your heart aching and your stomach empty  making me feel weak and tired ;and you can’t sleep even sleep because the sadness you can’t escape .you will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere .T hat is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people . Parents always wish to see their children in a higher position than themselves for which they sacrifices so many things and desires . Parents love their children unconditionally. Though missing parents is difficult, thanks to the internet which keeps them close for some what extent. One should be realistic for achieving higher goals to make the parents proud by doing something good to the society emotions should be controlled and be diverted  in win  win situation .Though I find many persons around,  its my precious parents who is very affable. A simple laconic expression of my love towards my parents would not be enough. Their  constant intrusion into my life is like my all time favourite rain showering in my cold incessant monotonous summer life in Delhi. I delineate my parents as true meaning of love in my life. when I encounter a situation in which my parents grew older, not being able speak well, day by day losing their hearing capacity ,with their eyebrows which look frosty ,it would remind of my childhood where in  I was someone who irritated my parents as I could not speak well then etc.   I know my parents miss me more than I miss them I too miss them a lot .the food mamma cook, the lessons papa thought, the naughty times I spent with my sister .In laughter and in sorrow ,In sunshine and through rain I love u mamma and papa  though my reminiscing heart.

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