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Shubhani Dalmia 0

We all have an ideal in our minds for whom we think to be alike . We dream to have a personality like their’s. But have you met a real superhero who is already there in your life and he has been there since you even didnt step into this world . Before you existed , he started working hard for you . He started planning to give you a life full of happiness and joy . He made all things work in favour for you. He worked day and night to fulfil all your demands . He even sacrificed his own dreams to fulfil yours. At each stage  of life , life has tested his patience . He was tested at every phase . Difficulties came his way . He kept on going . A man who never gives up to provide his family a healthy standard of living . A man who never gives up  in every circumstance of life . A man who has never stepped back when he found out than any member of his family is facing trouble . He stood beside you when you were in trouble . He supported you like nobody else can  do so . He wiped your tears when everybody made you cry .  He smiled and said you do not have to worry , I am there for you , i will see . Isn’t he a real man ? Isn’t he a real life superhero ? There is no point of questioning for this . Yes he is . Father , a real superhero . You are a true inspiration . You prove to be a hard rock person without whom a family tree is incomplete. You sow a deep deep root of the family and grow it with utmost love and care . You may be shaken sometimes but you always pull up when its time . You shower your love to your children  selflessly. You sacrifice your own sleep so that we could sleep in comfort. Of course it would  have been a difficult task to perform . Life would have give you multiple times challenges to face . But you overcame. You are a rock solid man . You are a son’ s true inspiration and guide . You are a daughter’ s first love . A man with selfless love and conviction . A man with courage and strength .

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