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What Family Is All About

Kumar Utkarsh 0

Having people by your side, those who know what you are in your bones, accept you the way you are meant to be, it’s a treat life gives to only a few selected ones. Those would be the purpose of your life, people who define it, cherish it, take care of it and make you feel wanted and happier every single day that passes by. That is family for you.

Family, people you ought to hold on to, also people you need not worry about, for those people would be there for you, in the darker times, eclipsing all those shadows and carving ways for new light to blend inside your life. People who would criticize you and would go on to make you do the right thing, tell you what wrong you’re doing in this world. Family, people you trust, you can bear your soul to. No amount of time with them has to or would be enough, forever laughs in its face. Love, it’s a clichéd word, thrown away many a times, but here, you don’t throw that word around, you mean it. it’s those memories you’ve been making with them, you have a life worth remembering, worth everything you do for them, worth every second you spend thinking about them, worth the care you have. Love, the word feels an understatement here. You’re in love with them, you can see them happy with what you do for them, yet you never stop. You wanna carry on, do more and more and more of whatever makes them feel special. Family, people you can never express for, but you know that drive and love is never ending. that’s unconditional, needs and has no demands.
Its not a line, it is a circle. Its infinite, has no ends. That circle can include your parents, your wife, your siblings, your friends, and it certainly doesn’t matter. What matters is the bond you share. The bond which clearly reflects when you have joyous laughs and you create memories over meals that you have together. You work together as a team, impenetrable, unbreakable. You sort out things, have discussions, sometimes argue but there is never a feeling of everything not being right again. A certainty you can never have anywhere else. Cherish this, hold on to people you have, cause ones who love us never really leave us.

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